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The 15th International Conference on Industrial Technology Innovation (I-CITI, 2014)
Technology innovation and entrepreneurship policy for economic development


Entrepreneurship, technology and innovation are the key drivers of long term economic growth and development. Entrepreneurs play a rather crucial role in this process. On one hand, entrepreneurs adopt new technology and innovation as tools to improve the efficiency and productivity of their businesses. On the other hand, new technology provides entrepreneurs with platforms on which they can build new ventures, values, and jobs.

Because different countries have different conditions and development paths, their policy design and implementation must vary accordingly. Therefore, knowledge- and experience-sharing is of particular importance and value in the policy governance cycle. Nevertheless, heterogeneous policy practices probably still have something in common which could be how to stimulate technology entrepreneurship and how to enhance the relevant capabilities.

After discussion with the major members of innovation policymaking community in Taiwan and in recognition of the importance of this agenda to future development, we have invited policy experts from Sweden, Japan, the US, the UK, and Finland to share their knowledge and experiences in policy design, implementation and evaluation.

By doing so, we hope that we can improve the effectiveness of relevant policy measures, optimise framework conditions for technological entrepreneurship, and shape a better future.