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The 19th International Conference on Industrial Technology Innovation (ICITI, 2018)
Platform strategy for digital transformation of industry


Taiwan is at a crucial turning point now. Digital transformation in industry will bring fundamental changes not only to the economy alone, but also to the society as a whole. Governments around the world have proposed important national policies and long-term strategies, such as: Germany's " Digital Strategy 2025", the US’s "Advanced Manufacturing Partnership Program", China ‘s "Made in China 2025", and Japan's "Society 5.0 Initiative”, etc.. Through collaborating with the industry, research institutions, and local communities, all stakeholders work together to address the societal challenges.

However, what roles and functions should the government, industry and academia play in the process of digital transformation? How to complement each other to create synergy effects to meet social needs? How to promote digital transformation in industry fast and effectively has become the highest priority.

The purpose for this international conference is to learn from other nation’s experiences in policy planning related to industrial digital transformation and the practice of R&D institutions to assist industry to promote digital transformation. We invited experts and scholars from Germany, the Netherlands and Spain to share their relevant policies and experiences. Meanwhile, we also address issues concerning Taiwan’s industrial digital transformation, and hope to build up a collaboration platform for industry, government, and RTO to formulate specific strategies to meet new challenges and grasp new opportunities.