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Session I
National Strategies for Digitizing Industry

Stephen Su

Presentation: Digital Economy: Opportunities and Challenges for Taiwan Service Industry
Position: Vice President and General Director, Industry, Science and Technology International Strategy Center (ISTI), Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), Taiwan

Sabrina Schmidt-Koschella

Presentation: Shaping the Future of Digitization : Industrie 4.0-Goals, Challenges, Outcomes
Position: Deputy Director General, German Institute Taipei

Jeroen Heijs

Presentation: Industrial Policy in the Netherlands
Position: Director of Top Sectors and Industrial Policy, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, Netherlands

Jorge Portilla

Presentation: Industria Conectada 4.0 and Internet of Thing
Position: Assistant Professor, Technical University of Madrid, Spain

Session II
Implementing Digital Transformation: Experiences from RTOs and Companies

Maurits Butter

Presentation: Digital Innovation Hubs
Position: Senior Researcher, TNO, Netherlands

Erdal Elver

Presentation: Digitalization: Opportunities, Challenges and Change Management
Position: CEO, Siemens Taiwan

Thomas Stahlecker

Presentation: The Role of Fraunhofer Gesellschaft in Digital Transformation of Economy: Framework Condition, Priorities, Selected Examples
Position: Senior Scientist, Fraunhofer ISI

Jerry Hsieh

Presentation: Industry 4.0: A Discussion on Smart Manufacturing Solution
Position: CEO, Cimforce Tech, Taiwan

Yun Wang

Presentation: The Role of ITRI in Taiwan's digital transformation of economy
Position: CTO, Computational Intelligence Technology Center, ITRI, Taiwan