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The 24th International Conference on Industrial Technology Innovation (ICITI, 2023)
Science, Technology and Innovation Policy for a Smart and Sustainable Future
10/26-10/27, 2023


Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy play a crucial role in shaping our future. In recent years, there has been a growing expectation regarding the efficacy of STI Policy in delivering positive economic impact, as well as addressing environmental and societal challenges. Defining clear STI missions, and mobilizing resources and stakeholders to effectively address grand challenges have become high priorities for international STI policy-making communities.

For this reason, funded by the Department of Industrial Technology (DOIT) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan Institute of Economic Research (TIER) has teamed up with Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) to set “Science, Technology and Innovation Policy for a Smart and Sustainable Future” as the theme of the International Conference on Industrial Technology Innovation (ICITI 2023).

To improve STI policy design and implementation, and keep abreast of the latest technology developments, ICITI will invite international policy experts and industrial practitioners, as well as their Taiwanese counterparts, to share their respective experiences and views, and discuss potential STI cooperation opportunities.

This invited-only conference will serve as an international platform where policymakers, technology experts, and industrial practitioners can exchange views, deepen multilateral innovation partnerships, and facilitate more cooperation in the near future.