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Jakob Edler

Presentation:Mission-oriented innovation policies: Promise, challenge and requirements

Position:Executive Director, Fraunhofer ISI

John Goodacre

Presentation:UK Industry Strategy Challenge Fund. Planning and Implementation

Position:Digital Security by Design (DSbD) Challenge Director, ISCF Programme

Alex Glennie

Presentation:The Current and Future Roles of Innovation Agencies in the age of Grand Challenges and Transition

Position:Senior Policy Manager, NESTA

Wanting Yen

Presentation:Taiwan’s Pathway to Net-Zero Emissions in 2050

Position: Deputy Director, Taiwan Research Institute


John Goodacre

Presentation:UK Digital Security by Design- Challenges and Impacts

Position:Director, UK DSbD Challenge

Howard Tien

Presentation:Realize Comprehensive Zero Trust with PUF-based Security Anchor in Silicon

Position:Deputy Director, PUFsecurity Corporation

Mars Kao

Presentation:Introduction to Taiwan Security Standard for ICT Product Supply Chain

Position:Deputy Director, Cybersecurity Technology Institute (CSTI) of Institute for Information Industry (III)

Yi-Lang Tsai

Presentation:Cybersecurity Threats and Industry-Related Information Security Management Risks

Position:Honorary Chairman, Taiwan Cyber Security Alliance